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ON SITE PHARMACY Enjoy the convenience of having the prescriber of your pet’s medications in the same place as the prescription. Vet Central Animal Hospital provides its clients with access to an in-house veterinary pharmacy that stocks a wide range of medications and preventatives. Our pharmacy is a vital and integral part of our practice. It provides our clients and their pets with the latest technology, convenience, and the right medications-all at a reasonable price. Having an on-site pharmacy is a very important feature of our health care services, as it enables patients and their families to get the fastest possible treatment without concerns about long waits for medications. Some medications have to compound and require a short waiting period. Representatives from companies such as MSD, Boehringer Ingelheim, Zoetis, Norvartis, Merial, Norbrook and others frequently visit our Hospital to set trainings for our staff. These representatives have access to the latest data and research, and are a valuable source of up-to- date product information which is then presented to all our staff members. Our doctors and nurses offer patients the best care possible, and we always make sure that our consultations thoroughly cover instructions for medications.
 (02) 9784 0400
379 Homer Street Earlwood
 (02) 9784 0400