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BEHAVIOUR MEDICINE Not all pets are given the gentle approach when they were young and many have experienced difficult situations during their early years or when they have changed ownership and environment. Behavioural problems are becoming more prevalent in our veterinary patients. Changes in lifestyle and issues experienced in the bonding phase of young pets between 2 months to 4 months can cause long term behaviour problems in pets. Early recognition of fear and aggression in a pet must be recognised and addressed when the signs first appear. In our consultation with animal behaviour, we assess and treat behavioural problems in cats and dogs, as well as providing advice on the management of behavioural aspects of medical problems. Our case load includes the investigation and treatment of: Separation anxiety in dogs and cats Canine and feline aggression Anxiety in dogs and cats, such as noise phobia like thunderstorms. Abnormal behaviour, such as tail chasing, self-mutilation and shadow chasing Cognitive disorder (dementia) Inter-cat aggression Feline house-soiling and marking Inappropriate urination in cats An initial assessment consultation is usually carried out at the hospital, with follow-up appointments to suit the client and problem. Some other behaviour problems may be seen as home appointments by arrangement with our auxiliary behaviour and corrective service providers. Vet Central Animal Hospital is a behaviour - centred practice. We utilise calm environments and teach the pet not to be scared at a vet clinic. Instead we ensure that the experience is fun and rewarding.
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 (02) 9784 0400