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SENIOR PETS Most dogs and cats over 8 years of age are considered seniors. As they get older, they need closer attention and special care. Breed, age, genes, nutrition and environment makes a considerable difference into the life expectancy of a pet. Furthermore there is also a large disparity between the average age of a small breed and that of a large breed dog. Our senior wellness program can help your pet remain fit and healthy .Early examinations and tests can help us identify any potential problems and will be easier to treat or manage. Regular veterinary exams can actually help your pet live longer. The following are a guideline of some of the commonly diagnosed illness on Vet Central Animal Hospital database that senior pets are being treated for; 1. Arthritis – degenerative joint disease, pain management. 2. Blindness and eye disorders, bulging eyes, dry eyes, red eyes 3. Liver disease including anaemia and digestive disturbance. 4. Kidney disease including hypertension. 5. Bladder stones , cystitis, blood in urine, blocked  cats 6. Dental disease including gingivitis, tooth decay and periodontal disease. 7. Obesity and weight loss. 8. Heart disease including chronic valvular disease, cardiomyopathy. 9. Skin cancers, eyelid tumours, prostrate problems, mammary tumours, skin masses. 10. Behavioural and Cognitive Dysfunction – disturbed sleep patterns, confusion and anxiety, non -recognition. We can also improve your pet’s quality of life in many ways by identifying and preventing or reducing pain, recommending an appropriate nutrition and exercise plan, and suggesting environmental modifications to keep your pet comfortable. At Vet Central Animal Hospital’s Wellness Programme we see senior and geriatric dogs and cats at least twice a year. This is equivalent to a person visiting their doctor every 3 months. Before your dog or cat reaches senior status, we recommend that you bring your pet in for a baseline exam and diagnostic work up. This will give us a record of what’s normal for your pet so we can keep track of any changes. Call us today to schedule your pet’s exam!
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