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OUR TEAM The Vet Central, Earlwood team is composed of a highly skilled and compassionate group of people dedicated to the health and well-being of your pets. They are: Dr Jay Dulichan My exposure to animals started as a child caring for the neighbourhood pets that needed medical attention. I graduated from the University of Pretoria, South Africa in 1988 and established two Veterinary Hospitals in the suburbs of Johannesburg. In 2001, I immigrated to Australia and was employed by two veterinary hospital groups in the Sydney region. In 2012 I established Vet Central Animal Hospital in Earlwood. With 26 years of experience, I bring a vast amount of experience and knowledge in various fields of veterinary medicine and surgery. My special interest is in all aspects of surgery especially orthopaedics and this has extended into ophthalmic and abdominal surgery. My medical interest are geriatrics including endocrine diseases, arthritis and pain management. My clients especially know me for my   positive experience enrichment consults and advising clients from puppy school to grief management is all important to me as a veterinarian. My family of five have a pet called Jadoo a Shih Tzu cross Maltese. Emily Cunningham I am a senior level vet nurse with over 6 years of experience with a Certificate IV in Vet Nursing. I have been a Sydneysider all my life and my dad was originally from Argentinia.I have a love for all animals as they never disappoint you and are always entertaining. I enjoy my work knowing that I am helping an animal recover from an illness or injury and this drives me further in my profession. My duties at Vet Central are multifold and are of first line of assistance to the vet. My duties include preparing patients for surgery, monitoring anaesthesia, processing radiographs and attending to clients. I have a supportive husband and we have 2 dogs, a female Rottweiler Karma whom is the biggest teddy bear and Gibbs, a rescue male Kelpie x Rottweiler whom loves everyone. I also have 2 cats that were found as strays. Sammy Jo Kosovich I am Sammy, a qualified junior level nurse attending to reception and nursing duties with a certificate IV  in Vet Nursing. I would likely to be the first person you will meet at Vet Central Animal hospital all bubbly and happy. I had the benefit of being raised with animals from a young age, dogs, chicken, cats, goat’s emu etc. I was always taught by my parents to care for all animals, big and small, tall and short. I also love the bush and as a family our holidays are often spent camping, fishing and enjoying wildlife. My nursing career commenced after schooling when I joined TAFE and studied veterinary nursing full time. My passion for animals pushes me to do my best in my position as a vet nurse. I have two dogs Nala, a Bull Arab x Mastiff x Ridgeback and Gypsy, a German shepherd. With my 2 pets and my 4 WD vehicle we are all for the outdoors. Niomie Ferrante   I have recently begun my studies in Veterinary Nursing Certificate IV . I have a Certificate II in Animal studies and have qualifications in Dog handling and restraint through TAFE.   My passion is with exotics primarily guinea pigs and rabbits. I run and operate a small animal rescue in Sydney, in addition to a pet therapy program in nursing homes focusing on providing patients with a better quality of life and guinea pigs with a new home. I work closely with animal rescue groups in NSW. I also love dogs and you may see me at the local parks walking dogs and doing some basic training.   I have two cats Lilly and Gingie and 5 guinea pigs, our most recent addition Molly who loves to visit Dr Jay and the team.
I’m a big lover of sports especially rugby league, basketball and cricket have always loved both cats and dogs and believe that no outfit is complete without some form of pet hair on it. As to what to what made me decide to become a vet nurse, after years of taking care of a senior dog who health was failing. I found that I wanted to do as much as possible and to help others who might be struggling to deal with their own pets health issues. While my dog passed a few years ago that passion never stopped.
Sean Golledge
isabella Novic
I cannot remember a time I didn’t have a love of all animals having grown up owning beautiful pet mice, birds, cats, fish, guinea pigs, rabbits and dogs. From a young age I was always the one who would seek out our next family member and attend to any animal in need of help that crossed my path including my involvement in the rescuing and rehoming of abandoned animals. It was my lifetime love and passion for the welfare of animals that has inspired me to further my skills and knowledge and become a veterinary nurse. I have completed a Cert IV in Companion Animal Services at TAFE  and am currently finishing my studies in Cert II Animal Studies of my Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing Pathways Course. Although all health areas interest me I do particularly love the genetic and reproductive aspect of companion animals, which led my family and myself to actively be involved in showing and (ethically) breeding Birman cats since 2011 with the most recent additions to my family being my Miniature Lop rabbit Pearl and my tri-colour Collie (Rough) Harry. I feel incredibly honoured to be a part of such an amazing, supportive team and look forward to my future at Vet Central Animal Hospital!
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