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PET WELLNESS EXAMINATION Regardless of your pet’s age, pet owners play a key role in helping a pet combat illness and remain as healthy as possible. Pets cannot describe symptoms to you but can show us signs of a disease. Some signs of ill health are quite subtle and can go undetected. Research shows that 10% of pets that look healthy to their owners during their regular check-up have underlining diseases. An annual physical exam is a vital part of maintaining a healthy, happy, and long life for your pet. Dogs and cats age faster than people do and cannot communicate when they are not feeling well, a Wellness examination from head to paws will gain valuable insights into the health of your best mate. During a Wellness Check-up at Vet Central Animal Hospital, various organ systems are examined including the heart and chest , mouth and dental, skin and coat, weight and diet, abdominal organs, eyes and ears. Routine blood work maybe recommenced as this helps uncover underlying medical problems that we may not be aware of, giving valuable insights into the health of your loved one and the opportunity to catch illnesses early. During the visit at Vet Central Animal Hospital, the veterinarian will also overview your pet’s vaccination, heart worm and worming status and discuss flea and tick prevention. Call us today to schedule your pets Wellness Examination!
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